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Welcome to Pheasant Feeders! The site for all your pheasant feeding requirements.


Hopper feeding has many advantages but the challenge is to find the right kit. Whether you are running a large commercial enterprise or a small scale Do-it Yourself shoot, the same characteristics are required.


The feeders need to be robust, long lived, simple to use, thrifty with food and popular with the pheasants. Not being able to find the ideal kit on the market, I asked one of our guns, who happened to be a skilled engineer to produce something which combined all the characteristics we sought.


The initial prototype was an outstanding success with the birds but a little over engineered, they would have taken a direct hit from an anti-tank shell and still functioned, so a lighter but still robust model was put into service.


These have proved a great success and have been functioning for several seasons to the total satisfaction of the shoot and most importantly the pheasants.


Various Hopper Feeding Methods Available.

Galvanised Products

Galvanizing is a method of giving long-term corrosion protection to steel by means of coating it with molten zinc. It has been around for 150 years and is tried and tested.


Why galvanize? The benefits are compelling and wide ranging. It is a tough coating which lasts for DECADES, is ENVIROMENTALLY sustainable and More ECONOMICAL than many other systems. So saves you TIME and MONEY!


As they were a outstanding success the next step was to make the feeders available to all and so www.pheasantfeeders.co.uk was born.